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Don’t Upgrade Your COMPUTERS Until You Read THIS

Cloud computing is a concept that could save your business quite a bit of money on software, hardware, upgrades and services.

Instead of purchasing hardware and software for your office, with cloud computing you put your  programs on a highly secure “super server” online. All you need is an Internet connection to your office and you’re in business.

Here are 9 reasons why “cloud computing” has caught on FAST with small to medium businesses, and why you might consider it too:

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Storm Season is Upon Us... Are You Protected?

As we all learned during last month's record breaking snow storm, the threat of damage to your business this time of the year is very real! It’s not too late to prepare your company for winter storms that often result in everything from ice damage to power outages. 

One of the most valuable assets for any company is its data. Hardware and software can easily be replaced, but a company’s data cannot!

As a reminder to all of our clients and friends, here are some simple things you should do to make sure your company is ready for any natural disaster.

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