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If this type of alert pops up, DON’T click on it!

You’re working at your computer when all of the sudden – BAM! – you get a pop-up notification that your PC is infected with a virus and you must “click here” to run a scan or install antivirus software.


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How to foil ransomware

Not too long ago, the CryptoLocker ransomware virus was all over the news, infecting over 250,000 computers in its first 100 days of release (at least that’s the number reported – the real numbers are probably MUCH higher). The threat was fairly straightforward: Pay us or we’ll delete all your data.


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How to spot a phishing e-mail

A phishing e-mail is a bogus e-mail that is carefully designed to trick the end user into looking like a legitimate request for personal information or to get you to click on a malicious attachment from a source you trust.  It is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to compromise end user PCs and accounts.


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Never use PERSONAL devices to connect to COMPANY data if you don’t have Mobile Device Management (MDM) and a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy

You have a hard working team who likes to get things done after-hours or on the road – that’s terrific! However, here is something you might not know: you should never access company data, file servers or applications through personal devices and home PCs that are not properly managed by us.




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