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Basic training isn’t just a military thing…

You’ve heard the advice countless times before: you must have antivirus software and a strong firewall. 

However, in 2018, there is more to the security “basics” than just having strong technology.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Practice from Fundamental Network Security & Compliance Risks (MGMA MediNews)

As someone who has worked in the Managed Network Services space for over a decade, there are certain behaviors I notice when it comes to security planning.  Every so often, a major security incident occurs that makes headlines, and the media cycle begins.  Decision makers at organizations, who are typically business experts and not technology experts, often react with questions about what they are doing to fight this specific threat.  Are they doing the right thing?  What else could they be doing?  How exposed are they? 

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Be careful how you share files

So you have a big file you need to get over to your printer YESTERDAY and you can’t get it to “send” via e-mail because the file is too big. What should you do? 

The right thing to do is contact your IT department (us!) so we can assist by installing a secure file-sharing application that your entire organization can use if you don’t already have one. 

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How to keep staff from causing a security breach

Access to data and systems is more versatile than ever.  The “Internet of Things” has expanded how we can use technology and share information.  How can anyone hope to keep their network safe from hackers, viruses and other breaches when the technology footprint continues to expand? The answer is not one thing but a series of controls and procedures you have to implement and be vigilant about, such as installing and constantly updating your firewall, antivirus, spam-filtering software and backups. This is why clients hire us – it’s a full-time job for someone with specific expertise (which we have!). 

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The #1 threat to your security is…

PEOPLE! Like it or not, your staff can be your own worst enemies, inviting hackers, viruses, data breaches, data loss, etc., through the actions they thought were innocuous. In most cases, this is done without malicious intent – but if you as a manager haven’t set expectations regarding what websites your employees are visiting, what files they’re sending and receiving (and how they do it), and even what they’re posting in company e-mail, you could be opening yourself up to serious incidents. 

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