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Don’t take visitors for granted

Imagine a scenario where an office secretary unknowingly gave some of her law firm’s most private data to a gentleman dressed as a Comcast technician. He had bought a Comcast Cable polo shirt off eBay, dressed in khakis with a tool belt, and told the secretary he was there to audit their cable modem specifications and take pictures of the install for quality assurance. Well, that actually happened.  It’s not far-fetched. 

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How to distinguish a cheap router or firewall from a business class device

Routers and firewalls can be confusing.  Anybody who wants to have a network with Internet connectivity will typically have at least one in place. 

A router like the one you’d purchase at a big-box store is designed to serve the needs of home, not the needs of business. It’s designed to provide basic connectivity and share it with others.  They tend to have limited configurations, and for most home users you really don’t need a sophisticated device. 

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Tips For Safe Web Browsing

If only it were as simple as going to a website, logging in if necessary, doing whatever business you have on the site, and then clicking the little close button.

Most websites these days have tracking cookies, microdots and other advertising and data-collection bots that sit on them. These little spies are now following you across your browser session and often taking information from you. Sometimes this is for tailor-made advertisements, but it can be also be used to mine other information from you. 

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Keep sensitive data centralized where it can be managed and secured

Consider the following scenario:  A company laptop is left on an airplane, and that laptop has sensitive data for which you are liable.  If someone got their hands on that laptop, they could probably gain access to that sensitive information in a variety of ways.  Or what if that’s the only copy of the data, and you need it?  If it’s not centralized, you might as well consider it lost.

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