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Back to School Cyber-Security

*As featured on WJLA ABC7, August 13, 2019

Online and device security may not be the first thing that comes to mind with the new school year, but more and more middle school, high school and college students have mobile devices, laptops, and study online. Children are increasingly becoming heavy targets for cyber-crime and so it is more important than ever that students protect their digital lives as much as adults.

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Moving to the Cloud and How You Shift Your Security Management Strategy

*As featured on Tripwire.com - August 4, 2019

As someone who has worked for their entire career in the Managed Network Services space, if I had to pick out, over the past five years, two of the most impactful shifts in managing technology, it would be a shift from traditional, in-house servers to solutions where 3rd parties build “clouds” to provide similar business functions as well as the increased pressure on organizations to have comprehensive cyber-security strategies as threats become more significant. While some might want to call these things “trends,” I don’t think either is going to come out of focus or take a 180 degree turn anytime soon.

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