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Not all backups are created equal

Privacy and security are important to your organization, but they’re even more important to those whom you serve. Nearly 75% of Americans feel it is “extremely” or “very” important that the companies they work with keep their information secured and have easy-to-understand explanations of what, how, and why information is shared. Rule of thumb: If you collect it, protect it

Here are a few tips for protecting information:  

  1. Follow all reasonable measures to protect every piece of information you have about your client or customer.

  2. Have policies enforced that prohibit unauthorized access to those who do not have a need to see it. 

  3. Consider whether you really need that information in the first place, and the liability associated with holding it.  Compliance concerns may make you rethink if you really need to store that sensitive data in the first place.

  4. Be open about how you use information that your clients give you. Clearly communicate any practices and processes, and use this as an opportunity to set your organization apart by demonstrating that you implement proper security and risk management standards.

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