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Be careful what you have installed on your device

Like it or not, device manufacturers and application publishers LOVE to add bloat that you don’t need to their products. This inevitably creates more security risks AND slows down your device.


Sometimes when you buy a new smartphone, laptop, PC, or any other device, it comes with special “apps” from the manufacturer.  Sometimes these apps can be helpful, but others are unnecessary.  While perhaps these applications aren’t meant to be hostile most of the time, they can be a drain on your system.  It’s important that you take note of what’s actually installed on your device, and every so often clean up unnecessary applications. 


In addition to the unnecessary nature of most of these applications, some of them are even exploited for cyber-attacks and data breaches.  Just remember that the more you load on a device, the more patches you will have to deal with… and keeping up with vulnerabilities will start to work against you. 


When you go to install an application, ask yourself “Do I really need this?”  If the answer is no, it’s probably best to leave it alone in that app store or download page.


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