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Never use a PERSONAL devices to connect to COMPANY data

You have a hard working team who likes to get things done after-hours or on the road – that’s terrific! However, here is something you might not know: you should never access company data, file servers or applications through personal devices and home PCs that are not properly managed by us.




The people in your household often use a home PC to play games, access Facebook and surf the web. However, most home PCs are not getting the management needed to perform essential tasks like updating antivirus, software firewalls and deploying security patches on the machine. This leaves you wide open to malware infections and other serious risks. Since most malware is designed to operate in total stealth mode, you may not know that a hacker is capturing your information as you log in to your company’s file server or cloud application, which contains critical, sensitive data.


Bottom line, ONLY use company-approved devices that are properly protected and monitored to access company data; and if you just can’t help but take work home, contact us so we can work with you to set up a SECURE way to work remote or from home.


Our free guide, “7 Critical Security Measures Every Business Must Put in Place Now with Mobile Computing” offers important tips on secure mobile workforce management. Get the report here: https://www.dpsolutions.com/mobiledevices