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Make sure you use your Cloud based storage and sync apps appropriately

If you’re using FileShare, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive or other file sync and sharing cloud applications, listen up! While these tools can be very productive and effective, they also can represent a potential vector for data breaches, both intentionally and unintentionally.


Once a user has access, from any device, anywhere, to a file repository filled with sensitive information, a significant risk has been created.  This kind of access makes it nearly impossible to be certain that your data is centralized. Furthermore, over 7 MILLION Dropbox accounts have been hacked, proving that these solutions aren’t bulletproof from a security perspective.


While we wouldn’t discourage you from using these valuable tools (in a safe and compliant way), it’s important that you and your staff have an understanding of:


  1. Acceptable use of these tools
  2. Security standards that are in place
  3. The value of the data being stored in these cloud repositories


And finally, it’s important to ensure that the IT solutions you use are actually compliant from a regulatory perspective for the type of data you are storing.


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