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Your Firewall is USELESS Unless...

A firewall is a device that sits on the perimeter of your network, allowing (hopefully) good traffic in and blocking bad traffic. EVERY business and individual concerned with keeping bad guys out needs one.


However, your firewall is completely useless if it’s not set up or maintained properly. Your firewall needs to be upgraded and patched on a consistent basis, with proper security policies and configurations.  


If you are not familiar with the technology, it would be wise to work with a professional to determine what kind of firewall and other security technology you should use, and how it should be deployed and managed. 


Additionally, you don’t want to take the firewall for granted, and assume that everything is working perfectly forever, therefore I recommend vulnerability testing on a regular basis. 


You don’t need to over-manage these devices, but you also don’t want to “set it and forget it”.


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