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The Importance of Security Awareness Training

Every organization needs to ask a fundamental question about their staff: Do they know what to do immediately upon discovering a virus, e-mail threat or other cyber-security issue? 

No matter what kind of system, compliance standards, or sensitive data you have, every organization needs a staff of individuals who have a general understanding about today’s cyber security threats, and how they should respond internally once they suspect they have run into an issue.

 Additionally, as these threats, challenges, and technologies evolve, your organization should seek to turn this into a discipline where staff gets regular updates and touches to make security awareness a part of your culture. 

A simple training program that does not overburden staff can be very effective in reducing risks.  For most groups, avoiding one security incident annually justifies the investment in a structured security awareness training program. 

To learn more about how to develop an effective training program, visit our website:https://www.dpsolutions.com/it-support-services/it-security-and-compliance-solutions/phishing-training