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Keeping your Internet of Things (IOT) Devices Safe

Technology has made our lives better. Technology has made adjusting the thermostat and turning the hot-water heater back to normal temperature as you board the plane to come back home from vacation very convenient and efficient.

However, all of the connected devices in the world today –the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) – is also one of the biggest security concerns. Most people think about changing their computer password regularly and so on, but they never change the default password on the programmable thermostat that has its password listed in the setup manual. Since the password is the factory default, anyone who knows it has access to your thermostat. 

Usually, attackers who target IoT devices don’t want to cause you a problem. They use your device as a “soldier” to battle – along with 20,000 other thermostats – against an Internet website, e-mail server or another Internet target.  

To keep your IoT devices safe, consider some of the same steps you take to protect your more traditional computing devices: 

  1. Make sure manufacturer updates get applied
  2. Make sure vendor supplied defaults are changed
  3. Make sure your other devices on the network are maintained properly so there are no weak links.
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