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How to keep staff from causing a security breach

Access to data and systems is more versatile than ever.  The “Internet of Things” has expanded how we can use technology and share information.  How can anyone hope to keep their network safe from hackers, viruses and other breaches when the technology footprint continues to expand? The answer is not one thing but a series of controls and procedures you have to implement and be vigilant about, such as installing and constantly updating your firewall, antivirus, spam-filtering software and backups. This is why clients hire us – it’s a full-time job for someone with specific expertise (which we have!). 

Once that basic foundation is in place, the next most important thing you can do is create an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and TRAIN your employees on: 

  1. How to use company devices and other security protocols (i.e. Never access company e-mail, data or applications on unprotected home PCs and devices)

  2. The best ways to use email securely (see our “Email Best Practices Guide”)

  3. How to create good passwords (see our “Complex Password Guide”)

  4. How to recognize a phishing e-mail (see our “Phishing Training Information”)

  5. What websites to never access, etc.

NEVER assume your employees know everything they need to know about IT security. Threats are evolving and attacks are getting more sophisticated and clever by the minute. A consistent effort to teach staff on the threats out there results in a much lower risk profile 

Our security tip email series is one great way to keep your employees informed, but you STILL need a good AUP in place and training. If you’d like our help in creating one for your company, based on best practices, call me at 410-720-3300. You’ll be glad you did.