Making a Shift to the Cloud? Time to Reevaluate Your Security!

Chances are if you are reading this article, you have already moved some, or perhaps most, of your IT infrastructure to the cloud. While most organizations spend lots of time, energy and money developing strategies for integrating their important data and workflow to the cloud, they usually don’t worry about security and risk management strategies until after the migration. In fact, many organizations assume that it’s okay to maintain their existing strategy they were using before the move.

But you wouldn’t use renter’s insurance in a home you just bought, nor would you put diesel fuel in a new hybrid car. It’s not that renter’s insurance or diesel fuel are bad, but these tools no longer fit the environment in which they would be used. Security isn’t much different. Security and risk management solutions can vary, and the type of strategy you employ should change based on your current situation.

In this article, we want to explore a few things to consider when moving to the Cloud. Just because someone new is responsible for hosting important technology, it doesn’t mean that you can put your head in the sand when it comes to security.

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