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Manage Your Passwords…Don’t Reuse Them

You know you’re guilty of it: using the same password for everything. Believe me, I understand how annoying it is to try to remember all those passwords.  If you’re using the same password for sites that don’t share sensitive information, like a site you just read articles on, then it’s generally not a big deal. However, you wouldn’t want someone to exploit your login to NYTimes.com and use it to access your bank account. 

If your account credentials are compromised at one site, you might as well consider them to be compromised at others, especially if you aren’t rotating passwords and using multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Think about the various places you log in.  What do they mean for you?  How would it impact you if those places were compromised? 


For accounts that contain sensitive information, utilizing a password management tool to create a keychain of “hard to crack” passwords that are unique to each account is a great idea to reduce the risks of being compromised.  Contact your DPS rep to learn more!


For tips on creating strong passwords, check out our Complex Password Guide.