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Key Cybersecurity Trends for Professionals to Consider in H2 2020

Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has made it more difficult for organizations to fulfill their chief digital security functions. In a recent study from (ISC)2, nearly half (47%) of security personnel revealed that their organizations had reassigned them to perform standard IT tasks amidst the pandemic. This decision limited organizations’ ability to defend themselves against security incidents despite the reports from nearly a quarter (23%) of survey participants that security incidents confronting their organization had increased, as reported by Channel Partners. Additionally, the move arrived at a moment when 81% of professionals revealed that their organizations had categorized security as an essential function during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The findings presented above highlight the need for organizations to direct special attention to their digital security posture for the rest of the year. Many organizations are already working with reduced security teams, so they need to be prepared. I recommend organizations focus their security efforts on three specific trends for the remainder of 2020: Cloud Security, Data Privacy and New Tools/Ways of Working.

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Why Tech Implementations Fail (Video)

Technology changes are inevitable in almost any business. But sometimes, they don't go as planned.

Watch the video below to see why new technology implementations sometimes fail and how you can avoid these pitfalls

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How to Start a Virtual Law Office

Long before current events made working remotely the norm, law firms began moving more and more towards the Virtual Law Office.

In addition to safety concerns, attorneys working remotely benefit from less frequent commutes, increased responsiveness to clients, the ability to “set up shop” anywhere, and improved work/life flexibility. And from a competitive standpoint, firms that utilize these tools are more likely to retain talent, efficiently manage cash-flow and minimize business expenses… all of which are more important now than ever.

In this blog, we look at the key areas where law offices should focus their efforts and resources to thrive in a virtual environment.

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VPNs: What Do They Do, and What Don’t They Do? (Tripwire)

*As featured on Tripwire.com - July 12, 2020

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are not exactly a new technology. When I started my career in IT about 15 years ago, VPN tunnels were the standard way we connected remote offices by extending private networks over the public Internet.

Recently, as workforces continue to decentralize due to the rise of Cloud Computing as well as the current pandemic, VPN has become an even hotter topic and is being marketed as a critical security solution.

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Managed IT Services Explained

What is Managed IT Services? It's a common question that we hear often. This short video clip explains how Managed IT Services from DP Solutions can support your organization! 

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Phasing Your Staff Back into the Office (Video)

The last couple of months have been unlike anything we’ve experienced in the past.  Whether you are a worker on an assembly line, a healthcare employee on the front lines or a back-office staffer, your job has undoubtedly changed. 

As restrictions in states across the country start to lift, your staff probably has some concerns about their own risks in coming back to the office and what that will actually look like. 

Watch the video below for a few tips on adjusting to this new reality where your office environment may look quite different than it did before the pandemic.

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7 Easy-to-Use Remote Tools To Enhance Your Telework Experience

Business has permanently changed.  In the early days of COVID-19, many people looked at the pandemic as a temporary setback.  Perhaps due to optimism, they looked at this situation as if working from home or even closing their operation was going to be this thing we do while we hunker down for a few weeks and weather the storm. 

But even as we “reopen”, there is a growing sense that every business is going to have to change moving beyond the immediate crisis. 

There are a few factors leading to this: 

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VIDEO Panel: The Changing Role of the CIO/CTO

While the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis is truly unprecedented, what can technology leaders do now to better prepare their businesses for major disruptions in the future?

Mindgrub CEO Todd Marks sat down with two of Maryland's leading voices in digital transformation, Hartman Executive Advisors and DP Solutions, to discuss the various ways that CIOs and CTOs can approach this question and how technical leaders can become forces for systemic change within their organizations.

Our roundtable participants include:

Check out the full recording here, as well as the highlights listed below.

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Technology Lessons Learned from the Pandemic (Video)

The current pandemic has forced us to look at incident management planing with a real-life crisis that requires fast change in order to remain successful at what we do.

At the time of this recording, we are several weeks into the "new normal" as we adapt to working and living in the age of social distancing.   

So, what has the pandemic taught us about how to use and manage technology into the future to get the best possible outcomes?  I've put together a few stand-outs...

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Setting Up a Secure Remote Workspace in Your Home

Due to the Coronavirus disruption, many businesses found themselves needing to quickly come up with remote work solutions so their productivity wouldn't plummet.

While some organizations had the infrastructure for a quick transition with minimal disruption, others had to implement "on-the-fly" solutions which, while they got the job done, perhaps weren't the solutions they would have chosen given adequate planning time.  

As a result, there are millions of Americans out there with less than ideal remote workspaces from a security standpoint.   

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