Encrypt that USB drive!

One of the smartest things you can do when utilizing USB drives to store and transfer data is to encrypt the drive. As long as the drive is encrypted, the odds of that data being breached are greatly reduced should it be stolen or misplaced.  

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Did you know?

How important is computer and cyber security? Let’s take a look at some facts to put it in perspective: 

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Updates - sometimes annoying, but critical

If you’ve used a Windows computer for any length of time, you notice the little pop-ups telling you something needs to be updated. 

Almost any application these days connects to the web to get new updates and patches, often times related to security flaws. Sometimes this can be frustrating. They require reboots, they can arbitrarily change settings and functionality, and something that behaves one way may behave differently after the update.

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Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA for short), sometimes called multi-factor authentication (MFA), is a system in which you must verify your identity in two separate ways to access an account – this may be a login password, an online account or an account to access an application. 

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Physical Access Matters for IT Security

Having physical access to technology, even if the devices themselves have been properly maintained and secured, increases risk dramatically, so physical security to your space still matters.

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Keeping your Internet of Things (IOT) Devices Safe

Technology has made our lives better. Technology has made adjusting the thermostat and turning the hot-water heater back to normal temperature as you board the plane to come back home from vacation very convenient and efficient.

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Why do I need so many passwords???

Passwords and management of those passwords are a big pain – no two ways around it. One website requires a symbol, another requires 14 characters and your bank requires 10 characters, four PIN numbers and the answer to a secret question. It becomes easy to just use the same three or four passwords for everything – after all, that’s more secure than one password for everything, right?

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PCI compliance

"Is my PCI compliance good enough to serve as a network cybersecurity audit?"

We often get asked if an organization has passed their PCI compliance requirements for accepting credit cards; is there really a need for more security and compliance? It's very possible you do.  Keep in mind that PCI is focused on protecting credit card data specifically, and most organizations touch sensitive data that goes beyond credit cards.  Was that considered when you did your PCI review?   

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Top e-retailer ASOS bets big on Azure to power a stellar digital experience for its 12 million customers.

In this clip, DP Solutions looks behind the scenes at how Microsoft Azure powers online retailers like ASOS, a leading fashion destination, in providing stellar customer service. By delivering massive scalability and globally consistent experiences, Azure helps ensure that the 12-million-plus ASOS customers can find and purchase what they need in record time. Let us show you Azure can help you create and maintain happy customers too. After all, the competition is only a click away.
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Is it time for cyber-security planning?

The time to start planning for a security threat is BEFORE a cyber-attack occurs…not during! Cyber-security planning should be done continuously, especially as your organization changes.  

By proactively planning and adjusting, you can reduce the risk of significant consequences from technology incidents.

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