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All About Password Refreshes

For any account that you care about protecting, we recommend you change your passwords about once every three months. It’s also important that you don’t reuse passwords or use the same passwords for two different sensitive accounts. 

If your social media account gets hacked, you don’t want the attacker to also be able to gain access to your Amazon and banking accounts simply because you used the same password for both sites. We know it's annoying to deal with, but the consequences of cyber-attacks are far worse. 

A good password will be composed of both lowercase and capital letters, numbers and symbols.  Dictionary words aren't as good as less predictable coded words like "w0rD$" (you can do better than that).

 To learn more about creating strong passwords, see our Complex Password Guide (PDF). 

Need help in developing strong password policies? Give us a call at 410-720-3300 and we’ll be happy to help.