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Why its so important to have unique passwords for your online accounts

Password complexity is a given in the current age of cyber-threats, data breaches and other security incidents. At the same time, it can be very difficult to manage a series of different passwords for different websites and devices. 

Why is it it so important to have different passwords? When an online retailer or website gets hacked, oftentimes all you hear in the news is about how many credit cards were lost or what the financial damage was. You rarely hear about the user accounts that were compromised. 

However, if you have an account on a compromised website, your username and password could be shared with other cyber criminals who want to commit fraud. Most of these criminals know that the average person uses the same password across multiple sites. Therefore, their password on the compromised website is probably the same as their eBay, Amazon or other online account that may have a bank account tied to it. It’s an easy way to get more of a return on stolen personal information. 

It is possible to keep the password madness under control. Ask us for tricks for making unique and manageable passwords. Regardless of exactly how you create diversity and complexity in the way you log in to your important accounts, it’s important to come up with a strategy that protects you. 

For a few quick tips on creating strong passwords, get our free Complex Password Guide(PDF).