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Risk Management: An Ongoing Process

Often times, people are wary of introducing technology solutions in to their organization’s workflow due to concerns about risk.  They think that technology opens them up to a series of threats from the outside world, as well as the requirement that they now have to invest on the back end to do things like back data up or perform maintenance.  Certainly these are important factors in a risk management strategy, but the question I would ask anyone using technology is if they have actually evaluated and identified the true risks.  How do you know if that backup is sufficient?  What assurances do you have that the maintenance approach you are taking is correct?  Is your system even set up in the proper way?

We find that most decision makers implement risk management strategies that are effective, but often incomplete or perhaps not totally focused on the right areas.  For example, what if you perform maintenance every two weeks, yet one device on the network is not installing all of the patches for one reason or another?  How do you know if your firewall and perimeter defenses are effectively protecting you, or if they need reinforcement?

Risk Management is an ongoing process.  It’s not enough to simply install tools and perform tasks designed to plug the holes of your system.  You need to follow up after that and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy on an ongoing basis.  And even if your technology is getting the job done, you want to know that your staff is using their technology in the right ways, so that risky behaviors that may have nothing to do with your Antivirus software, firewall, servers, or anything else that is designed to help mitigate risk are avoided.

Risk Assessments can help an organization get a handle on managing their risk by evaluating their technology and policies to see their risk exposure, coming up with strategies to reduce risk levels in reasonable and manageable ways, and helping provide long term guidance and peace of mind as it pertains to the entire organization’s use of technology.

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