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Tips For Safe Web Browsing

If only it were as simple as going to a website, logging in if necessary, doing whatever business you have on the site, and then clicking the little close button.

Most websites these days have tracking cookies, microdots and other advertising and data-collection bots that sit on them. These little spies are now following you across your browser session and often taking information from you. Sometimes this is for tailor-made advertisements, but it can be also be used to mine other information from you. 

Here are some tips for mindful browsing:

Be careful about what sites you are authenticating into from specific devices. You could be sharing more information than you intend to. 

  1. Consider private or “incognito” browsing if you are concerned about the data being exchanged. When these browsing sessions end, your data is gone from the browser, and unrelated tabs do not share that data.
  2. Consider using add-ons in your browser to cut down on ads, as well as keep browsing safer.

Unfortunately, the Internet is filled with individuals and even companies that really do not care about your personal privacy and data.  To them, your data is just an asset they can exploit.  While we can’t stop all information from being out there, mindful web browsing can help minimize this kind of exposure.


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