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Ideas to keep your data safe in the cloud

If you’re using any kind of cloud application or storage outside of your office, you are right to be concerned about data privacy and security. As a rule, if you have data worth protecting, you should be concerned about it, regardless of where it is stored. However, many data breaches, including data stored in the cloud, are due to USER ERROR. Therefore, it’s important that you, the user, maintain a strong awareness and culture of security. 

Here are a few simple things you can easily do to minimize your risks:

  1. Maintain a STRONG password of at least eight characters with both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Do NOT make it easy.  Consider words and numbers that are generally unrelated, or combinations of words that can be modified with numbers and characters that are still unrelated, and not easily guessed.

  2. Make sure the device you’re using to access the application is secure. This is an area where you may need professional help in installing and maintaining strong technical security tools.

  3. KNOW your backup.  What I mean by this is that it is important to understand your recovery options in the event of a disaster.  True data management means understanding what data matters, how valuable your data is, where it is supposed to be stored, and ways the data can be recovered in case of an emergency.  Don't take these things for granted.

  4. In your company policies, define exactly what type of data use is and is not permitted.  Make it clear what behaviors are acceptable for work, and what is forbidden.  If these ground rules are not established, you can't be secure in how you secure your data.


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