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Should I encrypt the data on my computer?

Imagine being at the airport and going to Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee before you catch your plane. You sit your laptop down to get a straw, and the next thing you know…your laptop is gone!  

If you have a password on your laptop, it will likely prevent the thief from immediately accessing  your private documents. However, it doesn’t stop someone from removing the hard drive from your laptop and connecting it to another computer allowing them access to whatever data they want. 

If this kind of scenario concerns you, then a good first step toward protecting the data on your computing devices is to encrypt it. With the drive encrypted, a thief can’t just pull it out, hook it up and suddenly have access to all your files. They will be unable to decrypt that sensitive data without the encryption key, rendering it unreadable.  Many privacy laws and regulations require sensitive data, particularly personal data, be encrypted at rest.

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