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Updates - sometimes annoying, but critical

If you’ve used a Windows computer for any length of time, you notice the little pop-ups telling you something needs to be updated. 

Almost any application these days connects to the web to get new updates and patches, often times related to security flaws. Sometimes this can be frustrating. They require reboots, they can arbitrarily change settings and functionality, and something that behaves one way may behave differently after the update.

Are these updates really needed? While that topic can be debated for hours, consider this example:  

In early 2017, Microsoft released a particular “0 day” update to resolve a security bug that was discovered the same day. Microsoft reported that one week after the update was released, there were hundreds of thousands of machines infected – because while prevention was possible, those machines just hadn’t installed their updates. Adobe Flash, which almost everyone uses in their web browser, is a notorious security risk, and Flash updates are released several times a month. These unaddressed flaws in Flash are often used as exploits to engage in broader attacks, and we could tell you a number of stories of poorly updated products leading directly to a security incident. 

Regular updates are critical for managing vulnerability risks. Take care of them right away or let us help you take care of your important patches and updates in a way that makes sense. 

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