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Top 5 Reasons CEO's Need to Care About the Cloud

  • September 10, 2013
  • admin

If you are a burgeoning company, and you are accumulating data by the day, and your current IT platforms are running out of real estate to handle this expansion, you need to consider a change—and fast. In the small to midsize (SMB) business space, growth is not steady; it is a runaway train that picks up speed every day. That is why many SMBs are turning to the cloud and third-party vendors to host their applications and store their data, set up private or public cloud networks, or even access software as a service (SaaS).

Consider this: According to a study conducted by SMB Group at the end of 2012, 52% of SMBs were using cloud solutions in their businesses. That number has definitely gone up since then.

What does this report mean to CEOs who are still on the fence about a move to the cloud? They are way behind their peers, and playing catch-up could end up costing more in the long run than the upfront cloud costs may present. In turn, the CEOs who are already making the move to the cloud are better positioned to see revenue gains and foster their company’s growth.

Cloud solutions offer CEOs many efficiencies and benefits for controlling costs, streamlining performance, and simplifying operations and management. DP Solutions runs through the five reasons that cloud computing should be viewed as a real game-changer for CEOs:

  1. Improved management of data growth and backup support. As mentioned at the top, organizations looking for increased scalability need to find ways to optimize their storage processes. SMB Now’s survey revealed that 40% of companies are using the cloud for either primary or secondary data backup.
  2. Mitigating the cost of backup systems. Having cloud storage enables companies to save on costs for individual storage systems that have to be maintained and managed.
  3. Reducing the cost of hardware and infrastructure. By relying on a third-party vendor to host and support IT applications and systems, businesses can cut down on IT infrastructure expenditures including new hardware, equipment, and other components.
  4. Enhanced scalability. For organizations that need flexibility, the cloud offers the ability to add or subtract storage, memory, and computing capacity through different service options. In effect, you are no longer bound to systems that can only move in one direction.
  5. Extending data access to your workforce. When it comes to remote workers, mobile workers, or anyone on the go, cloud services offer a great way to gain access to critical applications and sustain productivity.

What else do CEOs need to know about the cloud? Contact a DP Solutions’ representative to get more insight.



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