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DON’T use public WiFi until you read this

Connecting to free public WiFi is incredibly convenient, especially when you have to travel or just have an urgent item that requires your attention. 


Whether it’s at the coffee shop, hotel or airport, the temptation to check e-mail and surf the web is just too strong to resist. So BEFORE you connect to any public WiFi where you don't necessarily trust the network, make sure you think about what you are doing, and take some precautions:


  1. It’s not uncommon for hackers to set up fake clones of public WiFi access points to try and get you to connect to THEIR WiFi over the legitimate, safe public one being made available to you. Before connecting, check with an employee of the store or location to verify the name of the WiFi they are providing.

  2. Next, NEVER access financial, medical or other sensitive data while on public WiFi. You just can't trust these networks over which you have no visibility.  I enjoy Starbucks coffee, but something tells me that maintaining a secure WiFi network isn't Starbucks' primary focus.


Be sure to keep these things in mind when you use these convenient, but potentially dangerous, access points.


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