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Placing a value on your data and accounts

When making decisions about what technology to use, whether it be security, mobility, or anything really, I recommend that you first take a step back and determine the value of what you are trying to manage.

It is very easy to just implement technology (or avoid it) in order to make something functional.  But really you need to go back and remember why you are using technology in the first place.  The investments you make in technology should correlate to what you value in the technology itself. 

In our own lives, we make consumer decisions about things like health care, schools, homes, cars, and so on based on what they represent to us.  Think of your accounts/data the same way you might think of a car.  Maybe your first car was a beater, so you didn’t care that much about it. You didn’t invest in a new stereo, or a paint job, or whatever.  But when you finally got that classic sports car that you enjoy (and spent a lot of money to get) all of a sudden investments in things like collision insurance, nice wheels, and premium gasoline start to make a lot of sense.

So maybe it isn’t necessary to implement Multi Factor Authentication on a website you go to just to read the headlines of the day, but that same Multi Factor Authentication is a no-brainer decision on your personal online banking account.

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