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Don’t take visitors for granted

Imagine a scenario where an office secretary unknowingly gave some of her law firm’s most private data to a gentleman dressed as a Comcast technician. He had bought a Comcast Cable polo shirt off eBay, dressed in khakis with a tool belt, and told the secretary he was there to audit their cable modem specifications and take pictures of the install for quality assurance. Well, that actually happened.  It’s not far-fetched. 

Most people wouldn’t have assumed he was committing cyber-crime on a private network.  However, by going inside the office and noting the configuration details and passwords for their firewalls and cable modems, this “Comcast guy” did a lot of damage. Are you confident this wouldn’t happen in your office?

Remember these important tips: 

  1. Ask for identification and with whom they have spoken about the service they are performing.
  2. Keep any company policies about how visitors are allowed in the building, if such policies exist. If those kinds of policies don’t exist, work to define them.
  3. Keep a visitor log. You never know when you might need it.


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