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The clock is ticking on Windows 7

Windows 7 proved over the years to be a reliable and stable operating system, and even as new versions like Windows 8 came to market, Windows 7 stuck around.  Even as Windows 10 finds greater market penetration and higher customer satisfaction than Windows 8, we still see many users continue to use Windows 7.  That’s understandable.

But unfortunately, extended support on Windows 7 ends in January 2020, which means if your organization is using Windows 7, you have less than a year to prepare for an upgrade.

Losing support on Windows 7 is a big deal.  It creates a major potential risk for exploitation, because every day that Windows 7 remains after support ends, more flaws will be discovered that Microsoft simply will no longer attempt to fix.  You put your organization at risk if you leave it in place after support ends.

Fortunately, the upgrade path to Windows 10 is usually not as challenging as previous upgrades, and we have time to plan this out.  

Contact us today so we can figure out how this might impact you and come up with a plan.

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