Compliance-Directions.pngA Comprehensive HIPAA Assessment can simplify compliance management by helping you identify assets, document security guidelines, locate areas of weakness and define steps to reduce risks.


Our Free Security & Compliance Consultation will help you determine if a Comprehensive HIPAA Assessment is for you! 


At no cost, one of our Compliance Specialists will spend 30 to 60 minutes with you to:

  • Learn about your practice’s specific goals and objectives
  • Understand how your practice is addressing compliance
  • Review your concerns around security risks and exposures 
  • Discuss options and outline steps to remedy any risk factors
  • Determine if you would benefit from a comprehensive HIPAA assessment

Since this is free, you have no good excuse not to do it now. If we find that you're well-prepared to deal with security, risk and compliance concerns, then at least you will have peace of mind that you are prepared for a compliance audit. But if we DO uncover any shortcomings, you’ll be able to fix them BEFORE you’re audited.


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Who Qualifies for this consultation?

 Mid-Atlantic-based medical practices with 10+ computers

and at least one (1) server

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