No tech-based solution alone can defend against users who carelessly click on suspicious links, inviting malware into your network.


Your users have to be your first level of defense to protect your business from these attacks.


Phishing Testing and Security Awareness Training helps build your human firewall!

A good plan for achieving this includes...
  • Customized fake-phishing emails tailored to your industry and company to be as realistic as possible. Everyone is vulnerable to different kinds of attacks, so we want to challenge your team to develop the defensive mindset they need.
  • Customized landing pages that users are sent to when they click a link in the fake email alerting them that they were fake-phished and educating them on how to recognize phishing scams.
  • Review and reporting to evaluate the test results, risk factors and help you come up with an action plan to remediate any high-risk areas. 
  • Security Awareness Training to continually educate your staff on secure computing best practices. In addition to performing regular phishing tests, we set up online and in person trainings to provide your team with regular information about ways they can help reduce their cyber-risks.

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