It should come as no surprise that your employees are exposed to phishing attacks regularly. This makes them the weak link in your organization’s IT security and a potential gateway for cyber-threats. 


It’s vital that your staff can identify phishing attempts. The more knowledge they possess, and the better informed they are about security best practices, the less likely they are to fall for a cyber-criminal's tricks.


Join Senior IT Risk Advisor, Ben Schmerler, to learn about today's phishing landscape and how to arm your staff to establish a human firewall and effectively block hackers.


At this webinar you will learn:

  • The current phishing attack landscape
  • The most deceiving phishing emails to date
  • Actionable tips to create your “human firewall
  • Components of an effective phishing prevention program

Who Should Watch?

C-Level executives, managers and any staff members who want to learn security best practices to protect their business.

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Meet Your Presenter: 

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Ben Schmerler is a Senior Risk Advisor at DP Solutions, one of the most reputable IT managed service providers (MSP) in the Mid-Atlantic region. Ben works with organizations to develop a consistent strategy for not only technical security, but also policy & compliance management, system design, integration planning, and other practice-level technology concerns. 

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