Technology Tools and Policies You Need for the Anytime/Anywhere Workplace

As we come back to the office, we find ourselves re-entering a place that doesn’t quite resemble what things were like before the pandemic.  The desks might be there, but many people are still working from home.  Some of our colleagues may not even live in the same state anymore! 

Most companies have adopted permanent work from home flexibility, and this benefit varies from business to business and person to person.  But the truth is you can’t really count on having a totally centralized office-based workforce anymore. 

The boundaries for work have permanently shifted to anytime/anywhere, forcing employers to re-evaluate how to keep their teams productive and moving forward.

For this webinar, we will talk about how work has changed and some of the technology and tools you will need to adapt to this new workplace. 

Topics include…

  • Why a hybrid model is necessary moving forward, even if COVID-19 relents
  • How to maintain continuity with people who are not always physically connected
  • Tools to keep your “road warriors” productive
  • Recommended tools for those who spend most of their time working from home
  • Security policies to address this new model
  • Q&A

We look forward to sharing this valuable information with you. Watch the recording today!

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Managing a Hybrid Workforce

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Ben Schmerler
Director of Strategic Operations



Ben works with organizations to develop a consistent strategy for  cyber security, policy & compliance management, system design, integration planning and other technology concerns. He has been a guest speaker, panelist and presenter at several industry events, and has made several news appearances educating viewers about cyber-security best practices.

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