2020 has dramatically changed the way we work. And when the way we work changes, the way we secure our work must also change. 

Before the pandemic, many businesses were already moving towards the cloud and phishing continued to grow a persistent threat. When the coronavirus hit, we saw a rapid shift to remote work as the new norm, and this caused the risks facing businesses to shift as well.

So how do you adapt your cybersecurity strategy to the new normal?

In this webinar, we’ll provide pro tips on the essential security tools you need to make sure you’re addressing current threats rather than using tools and practices designed for a different way of working.

Topics include…

  • A look at today’s working environment and the most common threats

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – What is it, why does it matter, and where should it be used?

  • Single Sign On (SSO) – What is it and how does it support both convenience and security?

  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) – What is it and why device security is so critical as we work remotely and in Cloud environments

  • Q&A

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Ben Schmerler
Director of Strategic Operations



Ben works with organizations to develop a consistent strategy for  cyber security, policy & compliance management, system design, integration planning and other technology concerns. He has been a guest speaker, panelist and presenter at several industry events, and has made several news appearances educating viewers about cyber-security best practices.

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