Virtual Cybersecurity Panel: 


It’s scary how fast the cybersecurity landscape can change…not to mention how expensive and impactful cyber incidents can be!

You want to set your organization up for security success, and to do that several components come into play: Your Technology, Your People, and Your Insurance.

DP Solutions has brought together a panel of experts from the managed IT, cybersecurity, insurance, and human resources fields to discuss best practices for protecting your business from cyber threats. Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear about cybersecurity as it relates to all aspects of your business. 

Topics include:

  • The current state of cybersecurity and how our experts think cybersecurity will evolve
  • The biggest threat to your business today and how to prepare
  • How to prevent and recover from a cyber-attack
  • The human element behind creating a culture of cybersecurity
  • How to communicate & set expectations with employees on their responsibilities for information security
  • Cyber insurance's role in cybersecurity & risk mitigation
  • Understanding and qualifying for different lines of cyber insurance coverage

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