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May 2023

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Welcome to DP Solutions' Cyber Bulletin!

This monthly cyber recap, curated by our Cybersecurity Team, lists recent significant cybersecurity events, news, and breaches to keep you in-the-know on current cyber-incidents and provide recommendations.

These articles are meant to be informative and we encourage everyone to do their own research.

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CISA Warns of High-Severity Android Vulnerability 

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a warning of a high-severity Android vulnerability believed to have been exploited by a Chinese app to spy on its users.

This bug allows attackers to escalate privileges on unpatched Android devices without requiring user interaction.

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Our Recommendation: Make sure to keep your mobile devices updated with the latest software releases and patches.

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OpenAI Confirms ChatGPT Data Breach

ChatGPT creator OpenAI confirmed a data breach caused by a bug in an open source library, causing some exposure of users' chat history and potentially their payment information, as well. 

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Our Recommendation: If you are a ChatGPT subscriber, make sure to enable MFA for your online banking logins, and set up banking alerts with your financial institutions to stay on top of any unusual activity. 

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Google Releases a Security Patch to Fix a Zero-day Exploit in Chrome

For the second time this year, Google has released a security update for its Chrome web browser to patch another zero-day exploit. The patch fixes a total of eight vulnerabilities and is available for Windows and Mac users with a Linux version being released soon.

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Our Recommendation: Make sure your Chrome browser is consistently being updated. To manually update the browser, go to Chrome settings and select Help > About Google Chrome.

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Financial Firm NCR Hit by Ransomware; Some Restaurants Impacted

NCR reported an issue related to its Aloha restaurant point-of-sale (PoS) product on April 12. The company said a limited number of its hospitality customers had been impacted by an outage at a single data center, which may have caused some users credentials to be breached. 
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Our Recommendation: Make sure to always use complex passwords and enable MFA on your online accounts to protect against account breaches.