Welcome to DP Solutions' Cyber Bulletin! This monthly recap, curated by our Cybersecurity Team, lists significant cybersecurity events, news, and breaches. 

These bulletins will help keep you in-the-know on current cyber-incidents and, if applicable, provide you with recommendations. These articles are meant to be informative and we encourage everyone to do their own research.

02 Feb 2024 Cyber Bulletin-1


February 2024

  • Microsoft Executives’ Emails Hacked by Group Tied to Russian Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity incident disrupts IT services at Kansas State University
  • TeamViewer abused to breach networks in new ransomware attacks
  • VF Cyberattack Compromised Data for 35 Million Customers

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01 Jan 2024 Cyber Bulletin


January 2024

  • Hackers seize control of SEC’s X account to promote crypto
  • Microsoft's AI found a new material to replace li-ion batteries
  • Major Cyber Attack Paralyzes Kyivstar - Ukraine's Largest Telecom Operator
  • IOTW: Xfinity data breach impacts 35 million customers
  • How to build an effective cyber attack response plan

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