Welcome to DP Solutions' Cyber Bulletin! This monthly recap, curated by our Cybersecurity Team, lists significant cybersecurity events, news, and breaches. 

These bulletins will help keep you in-the-know on current cyber-incidents and, if applicable, provide you with recommendations. These articles are meant to be informative and we encourage everyone to do their own research.

September 2023 Cyber Bulletin-1


September 2023

  • Hotmail email delivery fails after Microsoft misconfigures DNS
  • The Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-Fi
  • Google Introduces First Quantum Resilient FIDO2 Security Key Implementation
  • FBI: Lazarus hackers readying to cash out $41 million in stolen crypto
  • Data breach at French govt agency exposes info of 10 million people
  • University of Michigan shuts down network after cyberattack

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August 2023 Cyber Bulletin


August 2023

  • Microsoft Thwarts Chinese Cyber Attack Targeting Western European Governments
  • A Few More Reasons Why RDP is Insecure
  • U.S. preparing Cyber Trust Mark for more secure smart devices
  • Pioneering hacker Kevin Mitnick, FBI-wanted felon turned security guru, dead at 59

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July 2023 Cyber Bulletin-1


July 2023

  • Microsoft Blames Massive DDoS Attack for Azure, Outlook, and OneDrive Disruptions
  • Suspected LockBit Ransomware Affiliate Arrested in Arizona
  • Over 100,000 ChatGPT Accounts Stolen via Info-Stealing Malware
  • Iowa’s Largest School District Confirms Ransomware Attack, Data Theft
  • FTC: Amazon Trapped Millions into Hard-to-Cancel Prime Memberships

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June 2023 Cyber Bulletin


June 2023

  • The SANS Institute Reveals the Top 5 Most Dangerous Types of Cyberattacks for 2023 
  • Google brings dark web monitoring to all U.S. Gmail users
  • KeePass exploit helps retrieve cleartext master password, fix coming soon
  • Microsoft shares fix for cameras not working on Surface laptops
  • Phishers are Weaponizing .ZIP Domains to Trick Victims

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May 2023 Cyber Bulletin


May 2023

  • CISA Warns of High-Severity Android Vulnerability
  • OpenAI Confirms ChatGPT Data Breach
  • Google Releases a Security Patch to Fix a Zero-day Exploit in Chrome
  • Financial Firm NCR Hit by Ransomware;  Some Restaurants Impacted

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April 2023 Cyber Bulletin


April 2023

  • Chick-fil-A Customer Accounts Breached
  • Biden Prohibits Use of Commercial Spyware
  • Millions of AT&T Customers Data Leaked
  • Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Collapse Leads to Increase in Phishing Emails
  • NBA Alerts Fans of Data Breach

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March 2023 Cyber Bulletin


March 2023

  • Twitter Limits Use of SMS 2-Factor Authentication
  • LastPass Reveals Second Attack
  • PayPal Accounts Breached
  • T-Mobile customers hacked

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