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September 2023

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Welcome to DP Solutions' Cyber Bulletin!

This monthly cyber recap, curated by our Cybersecurity Team, lists recent significant cybersecurity events, news, and breaches to keep you in-the-know on current cyber-incidents and provide recommendations.

These articles are meant to be informative and we encourage everyone to do their own research.

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Concept of sending e-mails from your computer-2


Hotmail email delivery fails after Microsoft misconfigures DNS 

Hotmail users experienced issues sending emails due to SPF validation errors within Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft misconfigured Hotmail's DNS SPF record causing Hotmail users' messages to be marked as spam or not delivered.

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Wireless internet sign on pole on the street


The Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Connecting to Public Wi-Fi networks is incredibly convenient, but poses significant threats to your sensitive data. Attackers can intercept information, create a fake Wi-Fi network or login page, and deploy malware to your device. Take the necessary precautions to ensure your security.

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Google Introduces First Quantum Resilient FIDO2 Security Key Implementation

Google announced the first open-source FIDO2 security key that is quantum resilient to combat the growing concern that quantum computers will be able to crack encryption keys and gain encrypted information.

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Business woman using tablet with cryptocurrency bitcoin link network concept


FBI: Lazarus hackers readying to cash out $41 million in stolen crypto

North Korean-backed hacking groups have stolen more than $2 billion of crypto assets over the last five years and appear ready to cash out on around $40 million dollars in bitcoin. The FBI continues to expose and combat these cybercrimes.

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Picture of the French flag with wavy texture


Data breach at French govt agency exposes info of 10 million people

Ten million people using France's government employment service, Pôle emploi, were impacted when MOVEit, a file transfer platform used by many government agencies and financial institutions, was hacked. Current and former job seekers on Pôle emploi had their full names and social security numbers exposed.

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Computers room at the university or college library


University of Michigan shuts down network after cyberattack

The University of Michigan experienced a cybersecurity incident the night before classes started. Administration disconnected U-M from the internet, including wired and WiFi campus internet and research and student registration systems, in order to give their technology teams the space to address the issues. Late registration and disenrollment fees have been waived for August.

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