Tune in for an informative Q&A session with Tim Girard of R.K. Tongue Co., Inc. and Joe Gates from Beazley Insurance.

Cyber incidents are in the news constantly these days. In this increasingly connected world of ours it seems private information is only a keystroke away from becoming public knowledge.

Any business that collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI) has a potential exposure and a legal obligation to protect such information.

What’s more, cyber incidents are no longer only the concern of those businesses that collect and store PII & PHI. With the rise of Ransomware, Social Engineering and other exposures, no business is immune to the dangers posed by these threats.

One of the ways to mitigate these risks is to not only be prepared with the proper technology, but also protect yourself with cyber-liability insurance.

For this webinar, Ben Schmerler, DP Solutions' Director of Strategic Operations, has invited Tim Girard of R.K. Tongue Co. and Joe Gates from Beazley Insurance to discuss how to approach cyber-liability insurance in a moderated Q&A discussion.

Topics include:

  • A brief discussion on having a technology environment that is insurable
  • Reviewing scenarios regarding data breaches and security incidents while discussing who would be liable for them
  • Where cyber-insurance falls into place relative to other types of insurance
  • A discussion of how to match the right kind of insurance to businesses of different sizes and types of data

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Meet Your Panelists





Ben Schmerler
Director of Strategic Operations

DP Solutions




Tim Girard, CLU®
Executive Vice President

R.K. Tongue Co., Inc.




Joe Gates
Southeast Region Territory Manager

Beazley Insurance

Ben works with organizations to develop a consistent strategy for cyber security, policy & compliance management, system design, integration planning and other technology concerns. He has been a guest speaker, panelist and presenter at several industry events, and has made several news appearances educating viewers about cyber-security best practices.

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Tim has been active in the insurance business since 1998. As EVP at R.K. Tongue Co., Inc. he is responsible for managing the sales and service of both the Maryland operations of the Professional Markets Group and Worksite Marketing Group. He is licensed in Property and Casualty and Life and Health and has lectured regionally on various risk-management and insurance related topics.

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Joe has been in the insurance industry for 23 years with experience on both the retail and carrier sides of the business. Joe is currently the Southeast Region Territory Manager for the Beazley Group where he spends his days discussing coverage for Privacy and Security, Tech E&O and MPL. Joe has a wife and two children, all of whom think his job sounds incredibly dull.

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