Ben Schmerler

Director of Strategic Operations

Ben Schmerler


While many of our talented staff work on things like network integration or support, Ben’s role as Director of Strategic Operations is to focus on how DP Solutions needs to adapt to a changing world where the use and management of technology is essential for business success, so that our operation can best suit our clients’ needs.

Ben, who was named to CRN's Next-Gen List, also works directly with our clients’ staff to provide personalized education on topics that affect their day-to-day interactions with technology such as avoiding phishing 2020_NextGenSP-Leadersattacks, having a strong decision making and assessment process, safe email and web practices, secure and effective mobile device use, compliance management, how to avoid ransomware attacks, and so on. He also runs our Phishing Testing and Security Awareness program so that our clients staff become a risk management asset as opposed to a liability.

He hosts regular educational cyber-security webinars, leads DP Solutions' TechTip video series, has been featured on local TV news & radio, does many speaking engagements, sends out weekly IT Security Tips, and contributes articles and blog posts for a variety of industry publications.

Ben has both an educational and working experience with technology. He graduated in 2005 from Towson University with a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. Upon graduation, he took on a role at Choice Technologies as a Project Manager where he oversaw the implementation of client systems. A significant portion of those implementations consisted of Electronic Medical/Health Systems due to trends in the health care space, which required significant attention to HIPAA/HITECH compliance. This was the impetus for his expertise in compliance, which eventually led to his unique process of matching compliance standards and best practices to client system design, integration, support, and risk management. Today, Ben has knowledge on a variety of compliance standards, security frameworks, and other best practices when it comes to the ongoing management of IT and the protection of sensitive data.

As this experience grew, Ben’s role evolved at Choice Technologies and eventually on to DP Solutions where he took on his current role advising, guiding, and educating clients.

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