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Open House & Casino Night!dice-145x145.png

December 1  ♦Ÿ  4-8PM  ♦  Columbia, MD


With a new company acquisition, a renovated office and our 45th anniversary, 2016 has been quite a year for DP Solutions! Celebrate this momentous time with us at our Open House & Casino Night.

  • Test your luck at non-cash casino games 
  • Win chips to enter the grand prize raffle 
  • Enjoy delicious hors d'oeuvres, beer, wine  & sodas
  • See our newly renovated office
  • Meet your DPS team members

There is no cost to attend, but we ask that you register in advance by 11/25/2016.

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Winter 2017: Disaster For Your Data?


pg1image (250x250).jpgWith winter just around the corner, everyone around you may be getting “all wrapped up” in the upcoming holiday season…


But you’ve got a business to run, customers to keep happy and mission-critical data to keep safe, even if a major blizzard, lightning strike, windstorm or epic flood is taking place right outside your door.


Here are 5 easy steps you can take this holiday season to get your office prepared for this winter’s worst, without seeming like Mr. Grinch.


Be ready for power outages. A power outage can hurt your business in more ways than you think. Besides employee downtime, it takes time to safely get everything back up and running. Then you need to make sure no critical files have been damaged or lost.

Autosave features can help minimize lost files in a sudden power outage. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can give your team anywhere from ten minutes to an hour to back up files and properly shut down equipment. If you need longer power durability during an outage, you might want to look into a backup generator.


Keep lines of communication open. Customer frustration due to production delays and not being able to reach key people at your company can be very costly in terms of both revenues and your company’s reputation. Here are three ways to make sure calls to your office don’t get bobbled when a storm rolls in:


  1. Create a new automated greeting to let callers know about changes in hours or closings.
  2. Set up an emergency override that automatically reroutes key phone lines to one or more numbers that can be reached during an outage.
  3. Make sure you and your staff can access voice mail remotely – from a smartphone, by e-mail as an attached sound file or transcribed message, or as a text notification.


Manage employees working from home. Many of your employees can work from home if need be. But you’ll need to prepare in advance if it’s not the norm at your company. Have your IT specialist check with employees who could work from home during rough weather. They’ll need a virtual private network (VPN) to safely access the company network. Be sure it’s set up well in advance to avoid any glitches when that winter storm hits and you need it most.


Have a disaster recovery plan (DRP) ready to go. Unless you can afford to shut down for days at a time, or even just a few hours, it’s absolutely critical to keep a written DRP on hand. Write out step-by-step details of who does what in every type of winter disruption – from simple power outages to blizzards, flooding or building damage caused by heavy winds or lightning. A downed network can cost your company big-time every minute it’s offline. Make sure your plan includes one or more ways to get it back up and running ASAP. Consider virtualizing key parts or all of your network so your team can access it remotely. Once you’ve written out your plan, keep one copy at your office, one at home and one with your IT specialist.


Get help from a professional you can trust. Trying to recover your data after a sudden or serious outage without professional help is business suicide. One misstep can result in losing critical files forever, or weeks of downtime. Make sure you’re working with a pro who will not only help set up a recovery plan, but has experience in data recovery. The old adage about an ounce of prevention applies doubly when it comes to working with the right people who can help you prepare for – and recover from – whatever winter throws your way.


Want help getting ready for winter? Call for a FREE Winterization Checkup.

Let us help you make sure your phone lines, Internet connections and internal network can take the tough weather. One of our experienced professionals will come in to examine your systems and review your IT disaster recovery plan with you to make sure nothing critical has been left out in the cold.


Call us at 410-720-3300 x2 or e-mail us at sales@dpsolutions.com  TODAY – you never know when a sudden storm will blow in. 


Guest Article


Why Goal-Setting Doesn't Work

Darren Hardy


When we were kids, we thought we could write down everything we wanted and mail it to the North Pole, and then, magically, all our desires would appear, on schedule, under the tree in our living room, complete with pretty paper and a bow.


I think many people must still believe in Santa Claus. You cannot simply write down a list of wants on New Year’s Day, stick it in a drawer for the rest of the year and wait around for your life to change. Sorry, but it’s time to grow up and  get serious.


The heart of the problem

The first step to changing the trajectory of your life, as well as what you achieve and sustain, is to take complete responsibility for your circumstances today. Wherever you are in life right now is your own doing – good or bad, it’s your fault. Your parents aren’t responsible, the economy isn’t, McDonald’s isn’t; you are. You are 100% responsible for everything – by what you did, what you didn’t do or how you responded to what was done to you. Once we get that straight, then we can get to the heart of how to fix or improve any outcome as you desire.


You don’t get in life what you want; you get in life what you are

Let’s say you want to earn an extra $100,000 in income this year. Who do you have to become to achieve this? Once you’ve decided who you need to be in order to accomplish your goals, you have to figure out how this elevated person operates. How do they show up in the world? If you’re unsure, if you lack a vision of your potential, find a model. Emulating the habits of someone you respect is one of the greatest keys to moving from where you are to where you could be.


The price

During the pursuit of what you want in one area of your life, be careful what you sacrifice in other areas. Also, be aware of the price you must pay to achieve the prize you seek. Some prizes might cost too much, and they might only be realized after payment has been made.


It’s up to you

Now is the time to write the script for the life you have always dreamed of having – the health, the relationships, the thriving business, the financial abundance and freedom, and the knowledge that you are making a significant difference in the world and with the people around you. You can have it all, but it will require you to get serious and relinquish the fantasies that debt fairies will leave a stack of cash under your pillow while you sleep. Or that the Easter Bunny will bring you miracle diet chocolate. Or that you can click your heels and your relationships will all be better. It will take rigorous planning, relentless commitment and steadfast dedication.


And that is why success is reserved for the willing few. 



Darren Hardy_x_hs (180x200).jpg

Darren Hardy is the visionary force behind SUCCESS magazine as the Founding Publisher and Editor, and is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of what has been called “the modern day Think and Grow Rich”: The Compound Effect—Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success(www.TheCompoundEffect.com) and the world-wide movement to onboard 10 million new entrepreneurs through his latest book. The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster--Why Now is the Time to #JoinTheRide (www.RollerCoasterBook.com). Access Darren: www.DarrenHardy.com and get free daily mentoring: www.DarrenDaily.com 

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              Client Spotlight: NFD, Inc.


    NFD has grown to become leading experts in space planning and commercial interior design. Founded in 1978, NFD prides itself on working with their clients’ business requirements, budget and vision making their spaces not just look great, but also perform!


    NFD is dedicated to creating interior spaces that are innovative, functional and accurately reflect each client’s desired image. They are continually mindful of new and proven ways to improve quality of life and work, protecting the health, safety and welfare of employees and the public, and increasing productivity.


    No matter what service you hire NFD for, you can expect excellent customer service combined with a consultative approach based on years of experience.


    NFD uses DP Solutions’ Managed IT Services to maintain their daily technology needs, including 24x7 tech support, managed backup, email and spam filtering. They recently moved to Microsoft Office 365 to take advantage of its’ robust email capabilities amongst other helpful features. With DP Solutions managing their technology, NFD is assured their IT systems are highly reliable, fully-functional and that they are empowered to provide exemplary service to their clients.


    Contact NFD for your interior architectural design needs and view their extensive design portfolio by visiting www.nfd.com.


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