DP Solutions Managed IT Services

We're a customer-focused IT solutions company with a rich history of service and a uniquely positive culture that ensures a bright future for all of our customers.

1 Our Team-min

Our Team

If you are tired of hearing “no, we can’t do that,” talk to us. Every challenge has a solution, if you look hard enough. We are all about finding the solutions. And this great attitude starts with great leaders.

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3 Our Culture-min

Our Culture

There are five principles that make us unique to our industry and even to many other companies outside of it. They may be little things, but they make a huge difference. Want to see our secrets?

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5 Certifications-min


You want to make sure that you’re working with a team that knows what they’re doing. Never fear—we’ve earned just about every certification available in the world of IT. Check here for a current list.

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7 Client BOR-min

Client Bill of Rights

As a client of DP Solutions, we believe you are entitled to expect the highest standard of service and satisfaction. The establishment of our Client Bill of Rights demonstrates our commitment to our clients.

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9 Careers-min


There are too many people out there that do not like their job. Why, we ask? We want you to LOVE your job, with a capital L-O-V-E. We do. See what makes us different, and you can love your job too!

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2 Our History-min

Our History

From 1971 up to today, we’ve been providing our clients with smart IT solutions and diligent customer service to help them achieve business success. See what drives us.

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4 Expertise-min

Industry Expertise

Healthcare & Insurance, Nonprofits & Associations, Financial, Legal, and Education are a few of the arenas in which we have great experience customizing IT solutions for our clients.

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6 Partners-min


You get exponentially more value when you work with us because we’re partnered with the leading technology companies. With our collective expertise, we’ll create the IT plan that works for you, with the company that works for you too.

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8 Referral Program-min

Referral Program

The best ‘thank you’ we can receive is a referral from an appreciative client. If you are happy with the work we’ve done for you, why not share our information with a company who is in need of IT business services?

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