How to Create a Secure & Effective Home Technology Environment for Work, Play and Everything Else

Now more than ever, a lot is being asked of us in terms of enabling technology in our homes. 

A shift to hybrid at-home work, e-learning, health care, socializing and pretty much everything else has demanded that things like Wi-Fi, webcams, microphones and of course Internet connections are a requirement for our daily lives. 

However, integrating technology in the home can be problematic for a variety of reasons: 

  • Many people are uncomfortable setting up and maintaining technology in their homes. 
  • New security concerns are presented. 
  • Sometimes home tech lags or just doesn’t perform well. 

Tune in to this webinar to learn how to set yourself up for technology success at home, whether that’s for work, fun, or other stuff. 

Topics include:

  • How our homes have been integrated with technology in today’s world
  • Identifying the factors in your home that will impact what you will need
  • How to secure your home for remoting into a work environment
  • Creating a local home network that can support significant traffic
  • Demystifying Internet connections and bandwidth so you can get the right horsepower for your home
  • Other tips for improving technology performance in the home that don’t require special products
  • Q&A

We look forward to sharing this important information with you. 
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Ben Schmerler
Director of Strategic Operations



Ben works with organizations to develop a consistent strategy for cyber security, IT policy, compliance management, and other technology concerns.

He was named to CRN's Next-Gen List and provides personalized security awareness trainings to DP Solutions' clients’ staff. He also runs DP Solutions’ Phishing Testing Program to help end-users become a cybersecurity asset as opposed to a liability.

Ben hosts regular educational cyber-security webinars, leads DP Solutions' TechTip video series, has been featured on local TV news radio, does many speaking engagements, sends out weekly IT Security Tips, and contributes articles and blog posts for a variety of industry publications.

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