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WBAL-TV 11: Cybersecurity Awareness Starts at Home

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Ben WJLA Aug13 2

WJLA ABC7: Back to School Cyber-security

Online and device security may not be the first thing that comes to mind with the new school year, but more and more middle school, high school and college students have mobile devices, laptops, and study online. Children are increasingly becoming heavy targets for cyber-crime and so it is more important than ever that students protect their digital lives as much as adults. 

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WJLA ABC7: Shield your devices from hackers with these travel tips

Cyber security threats continue to grow rapidly all over the US, fishing and social engineering attacks reaching an all time high and whether you are taking an extended weekend trip or a trip across the country this summer, travelers tend to be a pretty easy targets for those crooks out there. Cyber security expert Ben Schmerler of DP Solutions shared some simple tips to keep your information and devices safe.

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