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Copilot/AI Panel - Harness the Power of AI

Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can elevate your business and explore its transformative capabilities through Microsoft Copilot. Listen to our panelists from Incite Automation, Sherweb, and DP Solutions as they discuss what AI can do to propel your business forward.

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CyberSecure Panel - Cyber Insurance Strategies

Learn from RK Tongue, Beazley, DP Solutions, and Arctic Wolf at our CyberSecure Breakfast Panel and gain insights into identifying, protecting against, and responding to threats through a comprehensive risk management plan.  

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White Glove Security to End Your Cyber Risk

Learn how to boost your security posture with a concierge security team that gives you all the benefits of a 24x7 security operations center in a package that’s tailored to your organization.


the NIST Cyber security Framework

In this webinar, experts from DP Solutions and Arctic Wolf® partner to offer insights on implementing the NIST cybersecurity framework.


Virtual Cyber Security Panel

DP Solutions has assembled experts to discuss best practices for protecting your business from cyber threats. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about cybersecurity in all aspects of your business.


The State of the Cyber Insurance Market

Organizations rely on cyber insurance to mitigate the impact of increasing cyber attacks. Insurers are issuing more policies with higher protection amounts, but staying insurable is challenging due to rising cyberattacks. 



It’s important to be mindful of your security risks before traveling as there are many cyber-risks associated with travel. Learn what you can do to stay safe! 


Working From Home

Learn what you need to create a secure, effective and overall successful technology environment at home, whether for work, fun, or other stuff.


Onboarding New Employees

Learn how to instill a culture of cybersecurity from the beginning when you bring new employees on to your team. This 45-minute webinar will cover topics such as: * New Hire Training * Personal Devices for New Hires * Access Controls * Policies * Technology for a work from home or hybrid setup


IT Policies Every Organization Needs

Every organization must have IT policies that speak to the needs and technology goals of the business as well as potential risks. Strong policies that are well understood by staff are often the least expensive and most effective ways to avoid costly IT challenges. 
In this webinar, we discuss the basics of technology policies and outline the IT policies that every organization needs.


How to Create Your DISASTER RECOVERY Action Plan

Creating a DR plan might be out of your comfort zone. However, with some basic business planning and third-party resources, you can build a strategy to help navigate significant events.

Learn the steps to take to get started with your Disaster Recovery Action plan, or find ways to improve your existing plans.


Common Cybersecurity Attacks & How to Recognize Them

Learn how to identify common cybersecurity attacks, and how you can fight back against them. By familiarizing yourself with how typical cybersecurity attacks work, you’ll be better prepared to make better decisions to maintain your cyber-health.


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