DPS Bill of Rights
As a client of DP Solutions, WE PLEDGE to ensure the continual delivery of superior technical support while simultaneously providing industry-leading customer satisfaction and service. 

You have the right to expect and demand complete satisfaction from the information technology and technical services you receive from DP Solutions. WE PLEDGE to deliver exemplary service, on-time and within your budget.

You have the right to get answers to your questions in PLAIN ENGLISH. WE PLEDGE to recommend options for accomplishing your objectives and will answer your questions in terms that you can understand.

You have the right to expect DP Solutions to sustain the highest levels of personal accountability, professional commitment, and employee empowerment in your every interaction with our organization. In accordance with our five guiding principles, WE PLEDGE to listen to everything you have to say and take every issue very seriously (Our People Matter); to make sure you are 110% satisfied with your service (Surprise & Delight); to take complete responsibility for your experience with our company (Own It); to help you reach your current and future goals (Take the Long-Term View); and to pull all the resources we have to provide you the best service and solution you could ask for (Think Teamwork).

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You have the right to expect us to lead the way in fostering and implementing innovation and creativity in our service offerings through an unyielding commitment to providing the best technology and services possible. WE PLEDGE to provide exceptional technology for your business and will provide the best technical talent to manage that technology and surpass your service expectations.

You have the right to individual attention and dedication. WE PLEDGE to provide prompt, courteous, and efficient service by quickly acknowledging your requests, keeping appointments, and with great commu­nication.

You have the right to understand every aspect of our business policies and support procedures. WE PLEDGE to make it easy for you to communicate with our staff via our website, email, or by phone, and to receive answers to any questions you may have about how or why a decision, recommendation, or resolution plan is reached.

You have the right to receive the best value in computer and network support services in return for placing your trust and business with us. WE PLEDGE to be up front with pricing so that you never receive an unexpected bill and there are no hidden fees or surprise costs later on.

You have the right to know the status of your account and tickets, no matter what time of day or night. WE PLEDGE to provide secure access to our 24×7 online Customer Support Portal, and to provide timely communication on the progress of resolving any issue.