Safeguarding Your Cloud Castle and Ensuring Strong Cloud Security

In recent years, more and more organizations have been making the shift, either fully or partially, to cloud-based solutions of all kinds—data storage, computing, and infrastructure, just to name a few. This transition is important and can have many benefits for an enterprise, especially one that lacks the on-premise facilities to carry out those functions. However, making use of the cloud, for all its advantages, can come at the cost of security. It is vital for businesses to ensure that their data and networks are safe and secure, so the convenience of cloud solutions isn’t overshadowed by security issues.


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Virtual Learning and Security Compliance

Virtual learning, a key component of most cybersecurity awareness training programs, uses web-based platforms to allow employees to complete their training anytime, anywhere in the world.

Many regulatory bodies already mandate cybersecurity awareness training and require organizations to prove their staff has achieved competency to comply. This article will examine the most significant regulations and how organizations can comply.


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Windows Server 2008/2012 End of Support - Know Your Options

Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 will end on October 10, 2023. This means that after this date, these products will no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, technical support, or online technical content updates.

Additionally, on January 14th, 2020, Microsoft ended extended support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. If your business is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2, you're at risk of your applications and servers no longer fulfilling their business objective.

Don't have options! 

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Internal Threat Management: Is Your Data Safe?

Protecting an organization and its data from a breach or attack can be a daunting task to undertake. There is such a wide range of possible dangers that preventing risks from evolving into active threats is not one job, but a variety of measures, tools, and practices put in place. While preventing attacks from external sources might seem hard enough on its own, it is vital not to forget that threats can come from within an organization as well. Whether they are the result of malicious, negligent, or compromised insiders, internal threats can pose a major danger to a business and its assets.


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Protect your organization from email Security threats

What do these three real e-mails have in common? 

1.    Kohl’s Winner – “Notifications – Re: 2nd attempt for Paul” 

2.    WalmartStores – “Re: CONFIRMED: Paul you are selected” 

3.    Lowe’s Winner – “Congratulations Paul! You Are The Lucky Online Winner Of A Brand-New Sweepstakes Dewalt Power Station Entry”

No, “Paul” isn’t the luckiest person in the world but, as you might have guessed, the target of cybercriminals.  

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Email Security: A Pillar of Cybersecurity You Shouldn't Ignore

Since nearly every business has an email system, and the average worker receives many messages daily, emails can serve as a reliable initial infection vector. The overwhelming number of emails can trick employees into thinking they have plenty of time to respond to each one, even though the reality is much different. The vast majority (91%) of cyber-attacks are initiated by email, according to a recent study. Cybercriminals prefer to infiltrate your system and the IT architecture of your business through email.

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Why “Break-Fix” Works In The Consultant’s Favor, Not Yours

A common question we hear from prospective clients is, “Why do I need to be on a managed IT plan? Can’t I just pay you to come out and fix things when they’re broken?”

While that’s a legitimate question if we were talking about your washing machine or car, that’s definitely NOT the right approach to a critical and dynamic IT system that your company depends on. 

One virus or hacker attack or one slip-up can cause permanent data loss, extended downtime, a violation of data-breach laws, bad PR, loss of customers and sales, and a host of other expensive problems.

Additionally, under a “break-fix” model, there is a fundamental conflict of interests between you and your IT firm.

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Compliance And Cyber Security: Why Both Are Important

In the world of business, you’ll inevitably hear about the many ways to beef up your cyber security to ensure your company’s and clients’ safety. However, another term is often heard when discussing cyber security: compliance. It’s not talked about as often, but both cyber security and compliance are essential for any business to succeed. 

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Take Your Business To The Next Level With These Technology Solutions

When you set goals for your business, there’s a good chance that one of those goals was tied to growth. It’s a common goal. You have your eyes set on acquiring new customers. You’re ready to take your business to the next level. The challenge, however, is getting to that next level. If you do a web search on how to grow your business, you’ll find more results than you know what to do with. It can be frustrating and overwhelming. 


In this blog, we’ll try to take away some of that frustration and share a few ideas on how you can use technology solutions to put together a growth strategy that works for your business, its needs, and your overall goals. There are four areas where technology really shines: automation, access, engagement, and security. 

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Back To School! 4 Cyber Security Training Musts For ALL Your Employees

It’s back-to-school season! Soon, our kids will return to the classroom, where they will relearn the information from the prior school year to ensure that they were able to retain that knowledge. There’s nothing wrong with needing a refresher, and this is true for both students and your employees.

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