WorkSpace Cloud IT Services (DP Solutions)

Who is McNaughton Company, P.C.

Our company is called McNaughton Company, P.C. and we're certified public accountants. It originated as a family business, my father was the founder and he kind of wasn't terribly interested in this business. So we decided to offer to buy it, that offer was accepted and as a result we deci to form a separate, physical presence as well. Which required us to obtain all the traditional office equipment. One of which would have been an IT presence and IT server; that's when we started exploring our options.

McNaughton could've bought servers, power, and battery backup, and built an infrastructure in their office to support them. They chose to go for a cloud solution to avoid the infrastructure and the capital expense.

Workspace Solutions & DP Solutions

WorkSpace benefits small to medium-sized businesses. It lets them set up a simple file access, application access, an email, on a predictable monthly budget; without having to build out their own IT infrastructure.

I might as well be here at my desk from a productivity standpoint because we're now paperless. Almost everything that we do is now scanned and goes straight into the cloud, Workspace and is accessible from any point. Whether I'm sitting here at my desk, or whether I am hotel.

We pride ourselves when setting up a solution like WorkSpace for a customer, that the cut-over is seamless in such a way that there's no down time.

I was working on a Sunday, the day before the rollout and I was emailing David Shannon, he was responding to me, because he was in the office getting things ready to go. So, he ran into some problems, we were able to make sure they were resolved before Monday.

We went through several firms. We engaged a few firms to do this role for us, with various levels of experience, and there was no one who even came close.