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What Our Clients Are Saying

DP Solutions has been servicing customers in the Mid-Atlantic region for nearly 50 years with our managed IT services offerings. When you hire us, not only can you expect the work to be done right, but you can expect it to be done on time and on budget.

But don't just take our word for it! Below are a few comments from clients that will validate why you will want to work with us for all of your IT support and service needs.

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"It's 6pm. It's Friday. Of course I waited until the absolute last possible minute. Yet Christopher took the time to help me install an application I need to use over the weekend for a big project coming due next week. This is what good service looks like. Take note all ye managers. I'd also like to thank Charles who reached out no less than 17,000 times this week while I was inundated with other projects. Much appreciated on all fronts."

- Bill A., Association Organization



"I love DP Solutions … they are always so helpful, easy to talk to, and they help us quickly.  No matter who you speak to, they are also friendly, and willing to assist."

- Amy, Non-Profit Organization



"So nice to interact with DP Solutions- professional, efficient and outstanding customer service. Such a huge difference from our prior contractor.”

I often hear feedback like this and wanted to take the time to share and say THANK YOU! Everyone at DP Solutions has made life easier for our coworkers and IS team. Your team is a breath of fresh air and is helping to move our organization forward."

- Jen, Non-Profit Organization



"Lately, spammers are getting very clever with using the logos of known companies to try to get into computer systems. Thankfully, the pros at DP know how to examine for the 'fingerprint' that identifies the potential thieves."

- Marge, Non-Profit Organization




"The staff at DP Solutions is unusually patient and exceptionally knowledgeable. They can turn a stressful experience into a pleasant one in minutes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

- Kathleen, Non-Profit OrganizationRETURN TO TOP

“A fantastic technology experience”

"I can only imagine how hard you all are working. In spite of being affected by (the COVID-19 situation) like the rest of us. Thank you!

We had a Zoom meeting yesterday and team members were sharing how family members trying to work from home are having such struggles, don’t have what they need, systems they did have weren’t robust enough to handle the load and our team transitioned almost effortlessly.

We are having a fantastic (technology) experience and even with the load you all must be bearing any issues we have are still getting resolved in reasonable time (amazing).

I am very thankful we have you all to help us move past this situation."


- Michael, Financial OrganizationRETURN TO TOP

We were lucky to have DP Solutions on our side.

"If it is not a poem, is it really a love story?

It was the beginning of the year and my resolution still new.
I am pretty sure that I wanted to lose a pound or two.
However, time went by and I never began.
It was not long before things sort of hit the fan.

It looked like an e-mail from a while back.
Our company quickly learned we were hit by a cyber-attack.
An employee fell for their clever phishing scam.
If only that e-mail had gone into their spam!

We were lucky to have DP Solutions on our side.
They were with us every step of this crazy roller coaster ride.
Thank goodness for our backups and disaster recovery contract.
However, some of our software vendors were very slow to react.

In the end I lost a few pounds from all of the stress.
We learned a lot from this whole mess.
This can happen to anyone even if you don’t agree
It is important to have a reliable IT company just like DP.

- L.J., Healthcare OrganizationRETURN TO TOP

The whole team is so helpful and I would be lost without their support

"Throughout the whole process of upgrading our computers to Windows 10, the DPS team has been a huge help with my less than tech-savvy questions and requests. We have been with DPS for over a year and I have no regrets. The whole team is so helpful and I would be lost without their support."

- Jessica, Property ManagementRETURN TO TOP

Thank you DP Solutions for being our IT Partner

"Our DP Solutions story is very very simple. It rests with your entire team, who is always so responsive and polite and may I add, knowledgeable! Just like in any organization, there is always one or two employees that really really stand out. In your Organization, DP Solutions, it is Will K. Without Will, we would be lost. Will is very responsive often working beyond normal office hours to keep our IT up and running. I do not think there are enough "adjectives" to show our true appreciation of Will, but I will give it a try! Will is "family", responsive", "smart", "a joy", "intelligent", "fun" "creative" and most important Will "cares".Thank you DP Solutions for being our IT Partner and more importantly, thank you for Will K.!

- Allen, Accounting FirmRETURN TO TOP

“I totally recommend DP Solutions!”

"DP Solutions is THE BEST! Their customer service is always professional, and they respond very quickly! We have always been happy with the quality of their work, and they literally solve all our problems (at least the ones associated with computers)! I totally recommend DP Solutions!"

- Kim,  Recovery CenterRETURN TO TOP

“You guys see the bar, exceed the bar, then set it higher again.”

"Lovin’ everything you all are doing! Thank you for the weekly updates and the planning ahead.

This is just impressive. Love the way you folks manage methodically, deliberately, with great forward thinking. The accountability is top-notch, communication gets better and better, and willingness/desire to exceed expectations is so refreshing!

Thank you. You guys see the bar, exceed the bar, then set it higher again. This is starting to become fun!"

- Mike, Management FirmRETURN TO TOP

“A pleasant experience!”

"It’s always a pleasant experience dealing with the staff of DP Solutions. They are very knowledgeable, professional and a nice group of people!"

- Cathy, Non-Profit OrganizationRETURN TO TOP


“They make me feel like my concern is a high priority”

"I continue to be please with DP Solutions. The process is seamless. The techs are efficient; knowledgeable; and courteous. Whatever my tech needs, they make me feel like my concern is a high priority.

- Terri, Law FirmRETURN TO TOP


“A lasting relationship”

"We have not doubted our decision for a second in choosing DP Solutions as our IT Company.  And, now that we’re getting to know the group more, we are looking forward to a lasting relationship.  Your company reminds me of ours in many ways

- Kathy, Property Management FirmRETURN TO TOP

“Amazing customer service skills”

"This company takes the time to know what the issue is and help see the problem through to its resolution. They have amazing customer service skills and are wonderful to talk to during what is usually a stressful, technology non-functioning, time.

Thank you DP Solutions for helping with my tech problems!

- Elaine, Nonprofit OrganizationRETURN TO TOP

I have great confidence in DP Solutions' ability to quickly resolve issues

"It’s very reassuring to have quick replies and service from DP when we're out on the road, doing events, and on a short time frame!

 It's great that they are so concerned about even the little things that don't work exactly right for us! Also, great follow up to be sure nothing else is affected after doing the work originally requested!

As time goes on, I have great confidence in DPS staff's ability to quickly resolve issues that prevent me from working or, at the minimum, slow me down from being fully productive!

I’m glad DP has a grip on our systems and can take care of those of us who work in the field!”

- Marguerite, Nonprofit OrganizationRETURN TO TOP

With DP Solutions, we were reassured of our choice of vendor

"In most situations the on boarding process is difficult and painful , with DP Solutions, we were reassured of our choice of vendor during this process by the dedication demonstrated by the employees (especially Derek). They have a very engaged team that demonstrates great ownership of the work they do."

- Michael, Financial Services FirmRETURN TO TOP

Fantastic support of our mission critical ops

"Your entire team is awesome! Being a wealth management firm, we REALLY appreciate your fantastic support of our mission critical ops -- keeping our client data secure and our network running smoothly! "

- Mark, Wealth Management FirmRETURN TO TOP

“DP is not in the IT business, but rather the customer service business”

"You guys really are the best!!  Somehow you and your staff have figured out that DP is not in the IT business, but rather the customer service business, that just happens to have an IT specialty.  Wish all of our vendors/suppliers understood this this concept - something I constantly remind our staff. 

Best regards from a very satisfied (and grateful) customer."

- Tom,  Mechanical Services CompanyRETURN TO TOP

“You All Were Life Savers!”

"You all were life savers to us a few years ago and there is no way I would have made it without you. I will always remember how important all of you were in my time at the company. "

- Sally,  Distribution CompanyRETURN TO TOP

“Amazing Tech Support Team”

"As always, the support team at DP Solutions is kind, responsive, friendly, and effective. I very much appreciate the amazing tech support team! "

- Kim,  Staffing CompanyRETURN TO TOP

“I am very happy about this move to DP Solutions”

"This was such a simple process. Thank you very much for taking care of us so quickly. I am very happy about this move to DP Solutions."

- Michelle,  Property Management CompanyRETURN TO TOP

“Extremely informative and helfpul and able to work around my schedule.”

"The support tech assigned to my issues, Scott, has responded each time in a timely fashion, has been extremely informative and helpful and was able each time to work around my schedule. Thank you very, very much Scott!"

- Marcia,  Accounting FirmRETURN TO TOP

“Excellent customer service.”

"Charles has excellent customer service skills. He immediately took to task on my issue. He gained my confidence especially that he sought out additional information. Thank you Charles!"

- Sonja, Senior Living FacilityRETURN TO TOP

“Outstanding work by a team dedicated to quality service!”

"This has been a monumental effort that could not have been successfully completed without you.  On behalf of our organization, please know your many efforts and hours are greatly appreciated.  Outstanding work by a team dedicated to quality service!” 

- Mary,  Executive Director, Senior Living FacilityRETURN TO TOP

“I am so glad we made this move!”

"I am extremely impressed with how smoothly everything has gone with our onboarding.  Working with DP Solutions has been a great experience.  Eddie is wonderful.  We all love him.  He is so personable, as well as knowledgeable.  

Honestly, everyone I have spoken to, so far, in your company has been super nice and very helpful.  I am so glad we made this move.” 

- Patti,  Office Manager, Manufacturer Sales Rep OrganizationRETURN TO TOP

“DP Solutions is readily accessible when we need support and are dedicated to meeting all our technology needs.”

“We finally found a company that is a team and that works with us toward the same goals. We ultimately decided to work with DP Solutions because they had a lot of good people we could work with, we had built a solid relationship, and their treatment of us from the beginning met or exceeded our expectations. They were genuine and real. We look forward to growing our relationship.” 

- Ana,  IT Manager, Medical PracticeRETURN TO TOP

“DP Solutions has completely eliminated IT as one of my constant attention headaches.”

“The single biggest benefit to working with DP Solutions is having a dedicated person to our account.  It has completely eliminated IT as one of my constant attention headaches. I think the quality of the service and the fact that all of our customer details are accessible to everyone at the company is much better than past IT groups.”

- Pamela,  Office Manager, Medical PracticeRETURN TO TOP

"No one even came close to DP Solutions"

"We interviewed a few firms to do be our technology provider, each with various levels of experience, but there was no one who even came close to DP Solutions. They have provided me the opportunity to run my business and not worry about IT or servers.  It used to be a daily item for me, and now it’s something I rarely think about.  I don’t understand why more companies are not going to such a platform.” 

- Dave,  President, Accounting FirmRETURN TO TOP

“If we didn’t have a technology partner like DP Solutions, I would definitely have a lot more sleepless nights.”

“DP Solutions is our technology partner, they solve a variety of issues for us, anything from where we just can’t get to a help desk request or we have a major problem that happens to pop up and we need help. If we didn’t have a technology partner like DP Solutions, I would definitely have a lot more sleepless nights.”

- John,  Technology Manager, Nonprofit RETURN TO TOP

“Working with DP Solutions gives me peace of mind."

“Working with DP Solutions gives me peace of mind. They manage the stuff for me that I don’t know how to manage. I am not an IT person, but I have to know my IT needs are being taken care of. I rest easy knowing that reliable IT support is just a phone call way.”

– Sharon, President, Insurance ComapnyRETURN TO TOP

"Above and beyond my expectations"

“I am very pleased with the way DP Solutions has supported our company and all of our questions and requests. Dave and Jefferson have been fantastic and very, very patient. In my eyes they have gone above and beyond my expectations and made my life so much easier.”– Bob, IT Manager, Building Services Company  RETURN TO TOP

"DP Solutions is dedicated to us"

“I would personally like to thank the staff at DP Solutions for all the tech support and courteous service that myself and the immediate staff at my company have come to rely on and enjoy. DP Solutions has gone beyond just a contract, they're dedicated to us.”– Barry, Manager, Textile Solutions CompanyRETURN TO TOP

"Friendly and knowledgable...solves our issues quickly and correctly"

"We are a mid-size financial advisory firm that has grown tremendously over the past few year but not enough to hire a full-time IT person. DP Solutions fills this void with a host of experienced professionals that are forward thinking. On a daily bases our firm works with the help desk that is friendly and knowledgeable but most importantly solves our issue quickly and correctly. One of the things that really sets DP Solutions apart from other IT firms is that they inquire about how we service our clients and partners with us to accomplish the goals we set."
– William, COO, Financial Advisory Firm RETURN TO TOP

“I would rate you guys a 5/5 against other companies"

“I would say that DP Solutions is unique in the way they do business. You can go to any IT company and pretty much get the same services. However, your customer service to the initial install to make sure exactly what they are installing is what the customer wants sets you apart. In comparison to other companies, I would rate you guys at a 5/5 against other companies.”

– Ryan, Director of Operations, Lighting ComapnyRETURN TO TOP

"The most pleasurable IT experience I have ever had!"

I really felt the need to write to you about the most pleasurable IT experience I have ever had! DP Solutions set me up with an extremely knowledgeable young man who arrived to go over my list of concerns, and by 2:00pm everything I threw at him was fixed, repaired and double checked to be working properly before he would leave me and consider his job done. I have never in my 54 years with 38 of them being in accounting working on computers had such a memorable IT experience!
– Dawn, Accounting, Event Services Organization  RETURN TO TOP

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