IT Security Services & Solutions

Malicious hackers and cyber-attacks never take a break. That’s why DP Solutions has a full, powerful arsenal of the latest security solutions, which can be deployed at any time to make sure your IT systems have ironclad protection. Not sure which solutions you need? With our years of security expertise, we eliminate your guesswork, and help you determine exactly which security tools will keep your business safe.

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IT Security Services We Offer

Complete Security Assessment

We analyze your organization’s IT department, and evaluate for regulatory compliance and information security. We’ll submit our report to you, and work on developing the unique solutions that you need to keep your data safe and stay compliant.

Phishing Training & Testing

Phishing your own users and training them on Phishing security best practices is just as important as having antivirus and a firewall. It is a fun and an effective cybersecurity best practice to patch your last line of defense: USERS.

Firewall Solutions

We can build an iron ring around your IT, keeping out any unauthorized users or communications.

Web Security

We can offer web filtering or web monitoring. we have the ability to audit your practice’s web usage, and report back to your administrators or anyone you have delegated to oversee your networks.

Virus Protection

DP Solutions offers a full suite of antivirus protection, keeping your network secure from all the dangerous viruses out there.


Oftentimes full compliance requires offsite backups in a SSAE 16 Type II data center. You never know when you’ll need to restore data, but you have to be ready at all times. The best practice is to store your data onsite, with a complete, fully encrypted copy in a totally secure offsite location.

Email Encryption

Your communications are privileged, and we can help make them secure. Prevent unauthorized, prying eyes from accessing your business communications. Email with confidence – and the assuredness that you’re protected.


DP Solutions deploys the latest in encryption standards to make sure your data is accessible only to you and those you authorize to see it. This is a cornerstone of regulatory compliance.

Patch management

Keeping patches and firmware up to date against security holes is a time consuming but necessary process. DP Solutions offers an automated process from a single console. We can patch and update your entire system, including PCs, mobile devices, and firewalls.

Email Archive

Many compliance regulations require that a organizations keep all historical emails archived for record-keeping. DP Solutions will establish a complete archive of all email; fully indexed, completely searchable, and ready for audits. For people who need to hold onto emails for a period of time we can offer email archiving to act as a repository for email.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

These days, employees have a plethora of mobile devices, on any one of several different platforms and operating systems. Our tools make it possible to manage these multiple devices, from any location, all while ensuring total information security. Your employees will be able to work from nearly any location on their own devices, and it will all be securely managed.

Contact DP Solutions to help you find the right security solution to meet your organization’s specific needs.