ReverseGear Managed Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

Affordable, Powerful, Secure, Managed Cloud Services

DP Solutions’ ReverseGear Managed Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Services provide a powerful, proactive, and intuitive suite of customized business continuity solutions. Our services offer comprehensive, cost-effective, real-time recovery designed specifically for your size business, no matter how large or small. We keep your data protected and current by continually backing it up with redundant systems and leveraging cloud technologies to keep it safe and secure. There are no upfront costs, and there’s no need to purchase any additional hardware or software.

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We’ll customize a plan built on leading technologies to fit your unique needs and existing infrastructure. You’ll get quick, local backup and offsite recovery, as well as a fast streamlined installation and setup. It’s an easy way to keep everything current and turn back the clock on your recovery time objective (RTO).

We offer:

  • Robust backup and recovery software that runs on a DPS-provided appliance
  • Internal or external data storage sized for your needs
  • Off-site and secure replication using industry standard cloud technologies

What’s included:

ReverseGear features:

  • Block level snapshots with incremental data capture
  • Recovery points* available to within an hour, every hour
  • Advanced compression technology to maximize hardware utilization
  • Native backup and restore of Microsoft SQL and Exchange
  • Restorations to cloud-based virtual machines available
  • Ability to create standby virtual machine
  • Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware with bootable disk
  • No tedious tapes!
  • Responsive personalized customer service
  • 24×7 tech support, 365 days a year
  • A good night’s sleep knowing you are in capable hands
  • Full management of your solution complete with backup verification and annual DR testing

*Recovery Point frequency is customizable to fit your needs

Why choose us?

ReverseGear gives you:

  • Lightning fast offsite enterprise backups
  • State-of-the-art data de-duplication and compression
  • Ability to have continuous back-up to standby virtual machines
  • Offsite backup to cloud-based hosting
  • Reduced service calls for failed back-ups
  • Complete management by DP Solutions
  • No upfront costs

How it all works:

  • As a standard practice, we take a snapshot of your data, called a Retention Point, every hour—but this can be modified down to a fifteen min Recovery Point Objective (RPO) if needed.
  • This means you will never lose more than fifteen minutes of data. If you’ve been using the old nightly backup to tape method, you’ll be amazed at the difference. You won’t only meet your RPO requirements—you’ll far exceed them. The tapes’ speed can’t even compare to today’s blindingly fast SAS drives.
  • We’ll store 90 days of Retention Points at your location, so everything will be in one spot and hunting for tapes will be a thing of the past.
  • We’ll store 90 days of Retention Points in the cloud. You’ll never have to take tapes home on the weekend again!
  • Your data will be secure and up-to-date. And did we mention you’ll also have amazingly fast access? With our DP Solutions Managed Backup Services technology, hourly Retention Points take just a few minutes and full server recoveries are more timely than ever.

Start protecting your data—and ultimately your business—today. Call us at (800) 679-4377 or click here for a complimentary network assessment. We are located in the Baltimore, MD region but can help regionally and nationally with our extensive managed IT solutions!